PROJECT: Intelligent Transport System for Intercity Mobility
COMPANY: Aslogic S.L



VaoPoint provides a solution for the growing demand on sustainable intercity mobility in European countries.
VaoPoint offers an effective carpooling service for daily intercity mobility, where users can access numerous carpooling offers to select from. In addition to traditional cost saving on sharing transportation expenses, VaoPoint will promote the reduction of users’ carbon footprint and decrease traffic congestion by promoting high-occupancy vehicles.


The pilot VaoPoint will take place in the Autonomous University of Barcelona who has a mobility plan promoting collective transport, journeys by bicycles as well as achieving more rational use of private vehicles matching the goals of VaoPoint.


At a city scale the potential users of VaoPoint are making daily short-distance trips within the metropolitan area. This customer market can be later extended to any other EU and non-EU city that has similar mobility issues .