PROJECT: upark! – Join the Crowd-Parking Community


COMPANY: S3Transportation LLP




Trailer 1: The Concept

Trailer 2Join the Crowd-Parking Community

Between 30 and 50% of urban traffic congestion has nothing to do with reaching a destination. It has to do with searching for a parking spot once drivers have reached their destination.


upark! is a community of urban innovators exchanging information about their on-street parking spots for a small payment.


Providing an easy-to-use switchboard, in which drivers ‘parking-out’ are paid up to 80% of the amount spent when ‘parking-in’, upark! changes the rules of the game in Smart City Parking.


The app not only helps to reduce driving time (and fuel consumption) when searching for on-street parking spots by at least 30%, it also increases revenues from ‘metered’ areas up to 5%.


upark! will start its deployment in Brussels and Madrid in September 2016, in collaboration with the Free University of Brussels - ULB (Brussels) and in partnership with Urban Prospects (Madrid).