Maria Burpee

Digital marketing expert, Consultant and Coach at frontierCities Spring Campus: Hands on Funding & Digital Marketing (22nd March 2016)

"I was extremely impressed with the quality and business acumen of the FrontierCities startups, as well as the team running the accelerator. Compared to other European accelerators I have worked with, I believe the team and grantees have a higher probability of success in general and specifically within the domain of digital marketing given their preparedness, willingness to learn and skillsets. They clearly have been well trained and nurtured to succeed!"

Blochin Cuius

EMEA Business Development Manager at Edisonweb Srl (Social Commuting eXperience Platform project - MVMANT App)

“FrontierCities has provided a tremendous value to our company and our project. Besides the grant, we have received top class support to develop our solution and especially from the commercial side, we had the chance to gain traction very fast: coaching, events and networking at the highest level have allowed us to reach extraordinary results, such as the partnership with Mercedes-Benz, relations with financial investors and visibility in the mainstream media.”

Josep Lluís Larriba-Pey

Director of DAMA-UPC and CEO of Sparsity SL (CIGO project)

“Sparsity Technologies has clearly benefited from the frontierCities grant for several reasons. The most important is that frontierCities has allowed us to complete the full process of putting our product CIGO! into the market, from technology to business plan to marketing to sales. Second, it has provided a lot of added value because of the well selected set of support actions (materials, events and courses) that have allowed us to grow as a company in many directions. Third, it has given us a much better value compared to other accelerators because of the continued follow up of our activities, continued help from a very experienced and focused team, and the continued payment schema, providing certain amounts based on the provision of accepted deliverables. Last, but not least, the quality of the team (not only technical but human wise) in charge of frontierCities has allowed us to have a support (again, technical and human) that goes beyond that expected in a European project with the characteristics of frontierCities.”

David Stewart

CEO Esoterix Systems Ltd (Special Educational Needs or Disabilities Transport Optimisation, SEND-TO project – Qroutes App)


“frontierCities (fC) has provided our project with €150,000 of funding, dedicated technical and commercial support, and the time and advice of pan European specialists. fC support is highly proactive and always challenging. We don’t know of another accelerator (we have belonged to several) which would have helped us from a rough idea to paying customers in 6 months. What sets it apart is its focus on evidenced, customer value based, business propositions to underpin early sales and fund-raising, its internal and networked expertise, and the frequency and flexibility of its support.”

Antonella Longo

Alba Projec Srl, Project Manager of CitySoundscape project (CITYSOUNSCAPE project)

“I am writing this letter to testify the value of FrontierCities accelerator in supporting the start-up of our City SoundScape project. Since the very beginning, during the writing of application, we have been impressed by the speed and clarity of the service desk’s support. And the impression was confirmed at the first booth –camp, when we strongly felt the personal involvement of all coaches and the technical and commercial skills, together with the strong sense of duty and transparency.

After 7 months we have developed the technical platform, signed commercial agreements, revised the business plan, gained international visibility for the project and we can definitely say that, if we have been able to achieve these results, it is also thank to the Frontiercities team support, which makes us feel not alone in this challenging adventure.

For what I mentioned above, I would like to fully endorse Frontiercities team’s candidature to build other business accelerators or to be involved in start up support experiences and I take this opportunity for expressing my strong support to the application.”

Etay Oren

CEO, CommuniThings S.A.

“CommuniThings has been a grantee of froniter Cities accelerator program for its air-pollution monitoring project in Brussels (Ixelles).The fC program coaches, each coming from respective domains of expertise (Technical and Commercial) have accompanied the project from its outset, ensuring it remains on track from project and operations standpoint, while scaling its commercialization efforts across Europe.In parallel, several training workshops and meet-ups with city officials allowed our team to extend the breadth of prospects and fine-tune our product offering based on feedback from the cities.The fC program meticulous timeline and detailed reviews were a major catalyst in achieving timely delivery of an IoT solution, going through all facets of service rollout – from ideation, through development and deployment, to service launch.Without a doubt, the fC grant was a stepping stone in our product delivery and commercial growth strategy.  Nearly 9 months after obtaining the grant, CommuniThings has expanded its presence to NL, Switzerland and France.

We are appreciative and grateful for taking part in this accelerator program"

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