Etay Oren

CEO, CommuniThings S.A.

“CommuniThings has been a grantee of froniter Cities accelerator program for its air-pollution monitoring project in Brussels (Ixelles).The fC program coaches, each coming from respective domains of expertise (Technical and Commercial) have accompanied the project from its outset, ensuring it remains on track from project and operations standpoint, while scaling its commercialization efforts across Europe.In parallel, several training workshops and meet-ups with city officials allowed our team to extend the breadth of prospects and fine-tune our product offering based on feedback from the cities.The fC program meticulous timeline and detailed reviews were a major catalyst in achieving timely delivery of an IoT solution, going through all facets of service rollout – from ideation, through development and deployment, to service launch.Without a doubt, the fC grant was a stepping stone in our product delivery and commercial growth strategy.  Nearly 9 months after obtaining the grant, CommuniThings has expanded its presence to NL, Switzerland and France”.

We are appreciative and grateful for taking part in this accelerator program.


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