Josep Lluís Larriba-Pey

Director of DAMA-UPC and CEO of Sparsity SL (CIGO project)

“Sparsity Technologies has clearly benefited from the frontierCities grant for several reasons. The most important is that frontierCities has allowed us to complete the full process of putting our product CIGO! ( into the market, from technology to business plan to marketing to sales. Second, it has provided a lot of added value because of the well selected set of support actions (materials, events and courses) that have allowed us to grow as a company in many directions. Third, it has given us a much better value compared to other accelerators because of the continued follow up of our activities, continued help from a very experienced and focused team, and the continued payment schema, providing certain amounts based on the provision of accepted deliverables. Last, but not least, the quality of the team (not only technical but human wise) in charge of frontierCities has allowed us to have a support (again, technical and human) that goes beyond that expected in a European project with the characteristics of frontierCities.”

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