Tap, Berth and Enjoy! An innovative yacht-berthing Smart App expands across the Mediterranean

The frontierCites-supported SaMMY project has been making waves in Greece and across the Mediterranean with its innovative application, SaMMY (Smart App for the Management of Yachting Marinas). SaMMY is a multi-purpose sensor grid consisted of waterproof wireless sensors, enrolled in order to feed a central system and provide booking, meteorological & environmental information to yachters, skippers and marina administrators. Currently, SaMMY is available in six private and public marinas, in Patras, Pireas, Corfu, Lefkada and Kalamata in Greece, as well as in St. Raphael Marina in Limassol, Cyprus.

The FIWARE-powered SaMMY app provides e-booking service for berth spaces that cover the needs of yachters or skippers to organise their trips and complement yachter’s needs during their stay in a marina, enriching the customer experience with tailored services. Features also include navigational and parking assistance, alert mechanisms for various incidents, and mobile guidance to certain marina-related services, and even meteorological and environmental data and guidance on nearby coastal areas.

For CEO and Co-Founder Ioannis Kostopoulos “our SaMMY app provides a quantum leap in the service yacht marinas can provide, as well as improving the yachter’s experience. With the app, marinas can provide important information to yachters, and marinas administrators have a clear view of the status of the berths, improving this way the quality of the services and the scheduling of the yachting trips. The SaMMY app is also available on different mobile devices (laptops, phones, tablets, integrated yacht devices, and more) operating with Android or IOS systems.” (source)

The need – and value – of improved marina berthing management and improved services for yachters and for tourists in general - has significant economic implications for Greece and Cyprus. One of the major problems for captains of vessels, especially during summer, is the absence of efficient marina's reservation mechanisms, leading to wasted time, effort and fuel. Add to that the scale of traffic, in particular during peak summer vacation periods, and the need for avoiding unnecessary traffic increased, not to mention avoiding collisions.

But SaMMY provides much more than services to marinas and yacht captains and users – other key benefits that SaMMY provides include details on the services available at or near to the destination port, including information on electricity services, petrol stations, restaurants, port police, and fresh water. This allows tourists and yachters to efficiently plan their berthing, and decide where to stay, with greater efficiency and less hassle, as well as increasing the visibility of local services and business and creating new opportunities for generating tourism income.

The benefits of improved services offering from smart apps like SaMMY are thus important in a country where the tourism sector is a big revenue earner for the Greek economy. In Greece alone, the mooring market exceeds EUR 11 million annually, rising to EUR 50 million for the wider Adriatic and Aegean. And it is estimated that EUR 2.2 billion is spent on mooring fees by the 1,460,000 yachts cruising in the Mediterranean Sea (source), while across the EU yachting activities generate some €15 billion in annual turnover and provide jobs for over 300,000 people. (source)

Started in Patras, the SaMMY app is focused on expanding its presence in the global market. Expansion plans involve expanding from the current 6 marinas to some 24 new locations across Cyprus, Greece, and Montenegro.

Developed by OptionsNet with funding support from frontierCities, part of the FIWARE Acceleration programme, SaMMY has generated significant media and business interest across Europe, including selection as a High Potential Impact project from the FIWARE programme, with media exposure including an interview on Hellenic Radio Television (ERT).

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