frontierCities & INCENSe Information Session – Friday 14th of November

SAVE THE DATE: Friday 14 November 2014, 09:45 – 13:30 at the CNA of Pisa

Looking for information on the 80 Million Euros which will be distributed to SMEs, Start-Ups and Web-Developers across Europe?

The European commission has launched a massive call for web-entrepreneurs, SMEs and start-ups through 16 accelerators specialized in different sectors. FIWARE accelerator projects will provide direct funding, mentoring, coaching, support and networking to entrepreneurs to assist the development FI-WARE-based applications. Dr Alberto Soraci from frontierCities and Dr.ssa Irene Fastelli from INCENSe, two accelerators with Italian partners working respectively in the field of smart mobility and energy, will present this opportunity to a large audience of entrepreneurs and researchers at the Local Association of SMEs of Pisa.

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