Sparta Digital and their Buzzin’ app to introduce innovative Google beacon technology Eddystone-EID

Buzzin’ is the application developed through the EU financed project “Collaborative Transport Ecosystems on the Cloud (C-TEC) & T-Smart app”, which received funding under the EU FP7 frontierCities programme, part of the FIWARE Acceleration programme, aiming at promoting the uptake of FIWARE technologies among Start-ups and SMEs. Developed by Sparta Digital, an SME based in Manchester, and specialised in IoT solutions, Buzzin is a “one button click” app that provides an easy to use hop-on ticketing system to pay for public transportation and profit of local deals, with a unique technology to make the boarding process easy, quick and secured. The Buzzin’ app ticketing system uses the Beacons technology Eddystone, an open bluetooth beacon format from Google. Buzzin’ enhances the user experience on public transport, as users do not need to carry change/cash with them and they can also browse through local offers, be rewarded with special discounts and get to know about the events taking place around them. The latest app development follows an update to Google’s Eddystone- Ephemeral IDs (EID), which enables a more secure beacon signal, thanks to which data can also be exchanged securely and privately. This has enabled Sparta Digital to develop fast and a secure payment options into its app, which recognizes when a user gets on a bus and, based on the destination, deducts the money from a virtual wallet. Eddystone-EID is currently developed with the support of 15 beacon manufacturers, among which Sensoro, which has team up with Sparta Digital, to demonstrate Eddystone-EID effectiveness in a variety of different scenarios. The Buzzin’ app will work using over 100 Sensoro beacons, which have already been installed in various places of interest within Manchester, including buses, art galleries, museums, libraries and various local businesses, in order to provide users with real-time information on their location and deliver new digital experiences for customers. The Buzzin’ ticketing app is currently being trialled on the Transdev buses running between Manchester and Burnley. Read more:

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