The frontierCities Spring Campus: Hands on Funding and Digital Marketing

Thank you for attending and proactively participating! frontierCities thanks the speakers Mr. Sebastian Schuhl and Mrs. Maria Burpee and the I3P incubator Turin for its support in hosting our third training event in their premises at the AGORA space! On Monday 21st March, Mr. Sebastian Schuhl, Co-founder of CROWD NINE UG, provided us with useful inside on Crowd Funding opportunities complemented with relevant hands on exercises on the preparation of a crowd funding campaign. The attendees feedback has been very positive and they will certainly be following some of the provided suggestions. On Tuesday 22nd March, Mrs Maria Burpee, expert on digital marketing, engaged us with her dynamic approach. Real facts and vivid experiences on the importance of having a real digital marketing campaign were put through the day!!! The hands on section was much appreciated as grantees were helped to check what they were doing and they certainly got new ideas to put into action to harvest their results. frontierCites commercial coaches used this opportunity to catch up on the evolution of the grantees market uptake plan and review the coming months. The frontierCities Team is looking forward to continue supporting our grantees in this new phase ahead. Below you will find the presentations delivered during our two days training. Thank you for your feedback and commitment!

Agenda Day 1 – 21st March Sebastian Schuhl – Crowd Funding session PPT slides part 1 PPT slides part 2 PPT slides part 3 *** Agenda Day 2 – 22nd March Maria Burpee – Digital Marketing session PPT slides part 1 PPT slides part 2 PPT slides part 3

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