Sherlock – the new GPS anti-theft device for bicycles has reached the British Parliament

Sherlock, the anti-theft device for bicycles, will be presented in London next Thursday, 4 February 2016, at a reception in the House of Commons, together with five other start-ups in the field of energy saving, big data and innovative medicine. Sherlock provides cyclists with a handy and reliable way to track their bicycles at any moment of the day through a small GPS device that hides in the bicycle handlebars, able to recognise the legitimate owner and keep track of any suspicious movement. The device is coupled with a smartphone app providing the user with several functions, including location. Studies for a real-time platform to monitor stolen bikes are underway in coordination with the Turin municipal police force and the support of the city of Turin. Sherlock is developed by an Italian start-up, thanks to the EU frontierCities programme of the FIWARE Acceleration programme (€80 million) and uses FIWARE technology in its device. Sherlock was the only Italian start-up to be selected for the event by SETsquared, the number one university business “incubator” in the world, according to the Swedish Ubi index ranking. Pierluigi Freni, creator and CEO of Sherlock, reported in an interview to “La Stampa” (30 January 2016) that the app should be available in six months and announced the next opening of a new office branch in London. Link to the original article appeared on ‘La Stampa’ on 30/01/2016:

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