Edisonweb and their MVMANT app are sparking interest in Berlin

MVMANT is the application developed through the EU financed project “Social Commuting eXperience Platform” which received funding under the EU FP7 frontierCities programme, as part of the FIWARE Acceleration Programme aiming at promoting the uptake of FIWARE technologies among SMEs.

The Berlin Agency for Electromobility eMO, also coordinator for the showcase “Regions for Electric Mobility”, has expressed strong interest in the MVMANT platform for its innovative concepts complementing the existing urban mobility solutions and representing an ideal evolution towards the paradigm of “Mobility as a Service”. The Agency will be involved in the early piloting stage of MVMANT, in order to assess its potential and plan a possible pilot test in the city of Berlin. MVMANT is a new urban mobility on-demand solution. Its platform enables a new type of shared transport, an ideal synthesis of buses and taxis. A fleet of cars running along fixed routes (similar to a bus service) are able to offer speed and coverage comparable to that of taxis. The vehicles are connected to a localisation system allowing users to check in real time their position and the availability of seats on board. Vehicles are therefore available where and when needed. What is MVMANT? Watch the video and discover how it works https://vimeo.com What can MVMANT do for you? Check out the new trailer video at https://www.youtube.com For more information, check www.mvmant.com

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