Sparta Technologies Ltd. with their C-TEC app have reached the news in Manchester

Sparta Technologies Ltd. with their C-TEC app have reached the news in Manchester

Sparta Digital, an integrated IT and Digital marketing consultancy based in the Northern Quarter, Manchester, has won an initial funding of €150,000 as part of the frontierCities accelerator program for developing a transport ticketing mobile app. This will involve a collaborative transport ecosystem on the Cloud supporting the Greater Manchester transport infrastructure. Sparta’s proposal was fifth amongst the 27 winners chosen from nearly 600 applications across Europe. FrontierCities is part of the FIWARE Acceleration Programme (€80 million) aiming at promoting the take up of FIWARE technologies among SMEs. This EU call ( could be of great benefit to Manchester Council and TfGM (Transport for Greater Manchester) in developing user centric applications using the latest technologies to solve specific mobility problems at no cost. C-TEC platform and T-smart app will enable transport service providers, local businesses and public authorities to provide an integrated experience for public transport users. This project provides a great opportunity for local businesses to work with TfGM and Manchester City Council and makes it more attractive for people to visit Manchester. Following on from the FI-PPP programme (€600 million) of the EC, the IT systems developed using FI-WARE will enable the opening up of networks for greater business and citizen engagement, generating benefits for all. Adrian Slatcher, City Policy team, said: “Sparta were one of the companies who represented Manchester at the Barcelona Smart City Expo last November, and so it’s great to see them doing so well in attracting European funding for new and innovative applications which can be developed to benefit citizens and businesses.” Zulf Choudhary, CEO of Sparta Digital, said: “Sparta is leading the way for innovative solutions and user focused engagement applications that are at the core of our strategy. The team worked very hard and deserved to win to bring this project to Manchester” See more at:

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