Tallinn and Rakvere Workshops – 9th of January

frontierCities presented our call for proposals in Tallinn and Rakvere in Estonia, on January 9 2015.

In Tallinn frontierCities, together with the City of Tallinn’s administration, hosted a very productive information workshop to learn more about the frontierCities grants and acceleration programme for SMEs, Start-Ups and Web-Developers interested in developing smart mobility applications for cities using FIWARE technology.

We would like to offer special thanks the City of Tallinn for coming to the event and outlining some of their key smart mobility goals. The workshop proved very useful and we would like to thank all the attendees for taking the time to meet with frontierCities and learn more about the benefits frontierCities can present to SMEs and Start-Ups.

frontierCities would also like to thank Andres Jaadla and the Smart House Competence Centre for their hospitality in Rakvere. We would also like to offer a special thanks to Toomas Varek, Chairman of the City Council, and Mihkel Jujkami, Mayor of Rakvere, for taking the time to speak with frontierCities and discuss the benefits frontierCities can bring to cities like Rakvere.

We look forward to receive many applications in the weeks to come.

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