PROJECT: Sense and the City


COMPANY: CommuniThings S.A.




“Sense and The City” (STC) is an IoT-platform affixed to city fleet vehicles, collecting real-time air pollution levels across the city, analyzing and disseminating the data to local authorities and residents. 
Colourful “down to the street” heat-maps, combined with health‐impact recommendations, allow cities to develop and assess the effect of mobility plans based on a cost‐benefit analysis, while inducing commuters’ behavioral change via a mobile-app campaign. 

CommuniThings (CT) has fully evolved its STC offering into a full-fledged Connected-Mobility Platform, which is now active in 4 countries with cities, postal carriers, and utility companies, successfully establishing itself as a smart-mobility actor within the smart-city space.
Following a first test in Ixelles - Brussels, with the collaboration of the town hall of Ixelles, STC is also in trialing in the city of Antwerp, with the collaboration of the Belgian post (Bpost), which has facilitated their vehicles to collect STC data, for heatmaps generation for the city, in the framework of the “City of Things” initiative.

Other trials underway include the Swiss Post CEM pilot, where the postal fleet is used to generate mobile coverage information for telco-operators.

Starting in August 2016, for 30 months, CT will also take part to the pan European university project CIVIC, providing its expertise in IoT and smart data, deploying its sensor technology to generate air-pollution data from construction sites in different stages of the construction cycle, assessing their impact on the environment and mobility in the surrounding streets. 

CT was also recently contacted by Digimondo to showcase its LoRa Smart-City offering at their showcase city of Gherden. Utilizing STC sensors, in combination with smart-parking sensors, CT aims is to link information on air-pollution and parking to provide guidance on traffic management to city and residents. The project will last for 6 months, starting September 2016.