PROJECT: Smart App for Management of Yachting Marinas (SaMMY)


COMPANY: OptionsNet





SaMMY is a Smart App for the Management of Yachting Marinas, focusing in becoming the ultimate travel companion for yachters, skippers and marina administrators.


SaMMY introduces an e-booking service for berth spaces that covers the need of yachters or skippers to organize their trips and avoid this way the fully-booked marinas and the discomfort of crew members and travelers.


SaMMY’s innovative system is compatible with all kind of mobile devices and provides all the necessary information and guidance for marina parking to the yacht owners/skippers and supports a set of real-time services and information both for the yachters and the Marina’s administration officers.

This includes a set of services that complement the yachters’ needs during their stay in a marina, enriching the customer experience with tailored services, including navigational and parking assistance, alert mechanisms and the mobile guidance to certain marina-related services.


Currently,SaMMY is available in six private and public marinas, in Patras, Pireas, Corfu, Lefkada and Kalamata in Greece, as well as in St. Raphael Marina in Limassol, Cyprus.