ROTAS introduces a double fold real-time transport app for users and operators. On one hand, ROTAS delivers for the users a new mobile ticketing solution with real-time information on the best available routes, keeping them up to date with any changes in the service status (route changes, schedule modification, vehicle issues, etc.). On the other hand, ROTAS provides operators with data analysis backend, delivering better quality of life for users and enhanced efficiency for operators, allowing them to take full advantage of their data, without a significant investment.


This new ticketing app brings to both users and operators a 24/7 point of sale and a fast payment process system, without any intermediaries. ROTAS improves urban mobility for tourists as well, providing all the necessary information on routes and points of interest.


After Coimbra, the project’s test city, ROTAS is now in conversations with the City of Porto and Braga in Portugal, and is participating on a challenge proposed by the City of Porto to support mobile payments on their public transport vehicles. This would expand ROTAS service to 1.5 million citizens.