How it Works


frontierCities has disbursed EUR 3.92 million in grant funding to address mobility issues in cities, through a streamlined two-step application process.


The first step of the call was opened between 20th November 2014 and 16th February 2015 and saw 800 applications opened and 594 submitted. Click here to open a summary oeverview of the Step1 applications received.


The second step of the call was opened for 207 succesful Step 1 applicants between 1 April and 30 April 2015 and saw the selection of 28 successful Grantees.


frontierCities does not only provide financing, but also it offers technical support and business advice!


frontierCities has run a series of boot-camps both to ensure the Grantees competency in using FIWARE technologies and the uptake and business success of the developed applications. It has also helped to pair interested cities with web-developers, SMEs and start-ups, giving the Grantees a space to test and deploy their smart mobility application.


At the end of the project we will host a showcase event where web-developers, SMEs and start-ups will have the opportunity to demonstrate their innovative applications while European cities will get a taste of various applications that can cater for their specific mobility issues.