PROJECT: goApes for Sustainable Cities


COMPANY: GreenApes S.R.L.




greenApes’ main goal is to promote a more sustainable way of life, through its social media platform with an app that breaks down the complexity of environmental issues by bringing attention to simple daily choices, making them more fun to pursue. 


The goApes app allows users to share sustainable mobility actions, collect points and easily find where to spend them on a rewards list.
goApes is trialing in Florence (IT) and Essen (DE), by offering real rewards to users of the app, while generating an open and engaging incentive for local communities and businesses to go green, and promote green cities.


In Florence, goApes has 27 commercial partners , including 7 Restaurants and bars, 7 Stores, 4 Organizations promoting Sport events, 3 Organizations promoting Cultural events, 3 Farm-Houses and 3 E-Commerce businesses. 


In ESSEN it has 12 confirmed commercial partners, including 7 restaurants and bars, 3 Stores and 2 Supermarkets.