PROJECT: FIWARE ASSIST – A FIWARE Implementation for the Precise Indoor Smartphone Navigation System Telocate ASSIST


COMPANY: Telocate GmbH



The acoustic localization system Telocate ASSIST is the first precise solution for indoor navigation using the a smartphone. FIWARE ASSIST creates a frontend application to provide precise localization and indoor navigation to end users, in particular blind and visually impaired people, who are among the most challenged by the lack of navigation in public buildings.


FIWARE ASSIST requires the use of smartphones and specially designed acoustic receivers to be installed in the building. The navigation system enables people to locate themselves in buildings up to a precision of 20 cm. The high precision provides an unambiguous positioning to people using only their smartphone.


Telocate ASSIST was planned for public buildings all over the large cities in Germany and Europe, to help them conform to barrier‐free access legislation and provide easier navigation to their visitors.


FIWARE ASSIST trial location has been the Messe Freiburg exhibition, which will allowed public visitors to navigate indoor, thanks to the FIWARE ASSIST app.


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