PROJECT: On-demand Community Based Logistics (COBALT)


COMPANY: Absoluta Srl


Paxage App

COBALT aims to lower the impact of delivery transport and other forms of goods movement on intra-urban and inter-urban areas. Movement of goods represents 15% of vehicle-Kms in urban area and is the fastest growing source of total CO2 emissions, traffic congestion, air and noise pollution and several other environmental and social problems.


COBALT provides users a marketplace for local delivery needs, where shippers and delivery agents meet. The app allows professionals to grow their business with a direct and local client base while new non-professional players can enter the market to offer any kind of local delivery service.


COBALT app allows senders and recipients to choose a pick up place, time, volume, weight and location of the items to be delivered.
The system shows available delivery agents and a “base price” calculated with an algorithm based on distance, freight weight/dimension, urgency, curb side vs. door-to-door, time and day of the week. If the sender/recipient doesn’t find any suitable solution, he can post a request for delivery and wait for somebody to reply with an offer. Once the task is assigned, every passage is monitored and tracked thanks to GPS location services, status notifications, private chat, in app call.