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Opportunity for Cities


frontierCities will disburse nearly €4 million in EU grants to develop and deploy customised Smart Mobility Applications and Solutions for European Cities. While frontierCities will fund SMEs, Start-Ups, Web-Developers & Foundations to develop these applications the intended beneficiaries of the programme are Cities and their citizens!



How it Works:

frontierCities will work with interested Cities to identify their mobility and transport needs. We then select and pair cities with ambitious high-calibre applicants with a proposal that will address the problems they face. To find out more information on the application process visit our Call Page.



frontierCities: Benefits for Cities

There are many benefits for participating Cities including:


1. Leverage Third Party Financing: Cities can leverage EC Financing to develop value-added smart mobility applications tailored to your city’s needs


2. Smart Mobility Applications Customised to your City’s Need: By promoting the frontierCities Call locally and discussing your needs with an interested SMEs, Start-Ups, Web-Developers or non-profit organisation, you can have smart mobility applications developed that are customised to your city’s needs.  won’t just develop an application but they will test and deploy the customised smart mobility applications to ensure that they work perfectly!


3. Applications Tested: SMEs, Start-Ups and Web-Developers won’t just develop a smart mobility application but they will be required to test it before deployment – ensuring that it works and can bring you the benefits anticipated!


4. Access a pan-European Portfolio of Smart Mobility Applications: As a frontier City you will not only benefit from any application customised to your needs, but you will also have the opportunity to view the complete suite of 30-60 smart mobility applications and meet the SMEs and developers, as well as talk to the other cities where they have been tested. This will give cities an unrivalled access to a wide range of solutions, as well as the chance to talk to their counterparts in other cities as to the real performance and benefits of the solutions.


5. Smart Mobility Knowledge Sharing and Networking: Benefit from knowledge-haring and networking with other cities and smart mobility actor


6. Profile your City: Becoming a “frontier City” will also enable you to profile yourself as a Smart City, in our online communications and in our showcase event.


7. Increased Citizen Smart Mobility Awareness: Often Citizens aren’t aware of the benefits of Smart Mobility. Through participation in frontierCities citizens can become more engaged in a city’s transport system either as an applicant developing an application or as an end user using a smart mobility application. This can give citizens a better understanding of the benefits of smart mobility such as reduced traffic congestion and lower CO2 emissions.


8. Foster Local Innovation and Job Creation: By developing a network of local successful applicants to the frontierCities Call, cites can promote innovation, and job creation in their city





To find out more about how your city can benefit from frontierCities telephone Giulia Monti at

+32 -2-5141075 or email us at 

European Commission frontierCities has received funding from the European Union's Seventh Framework Programme for research, technological development and demonstration under grant agreement no. 632853